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Support Services has developed and implemented a new service to help University departments acquire surplus furniture and supplies.  

This new service facilitates the transfer and redistribution of unwanted, yet perfectly usable, materials and equipment from one campus department to another. Virtual exchanges allow users to post listings of items available on an online materials exchange website. The mission of the Surplus Reutilization Program is to support the prudent stewardship of surplus supplies and property by reusing quality items available on campus prior to considering the purchase of new items and properly facilitate the sale, donation or disposal of equipment.  State tagged campus property items that departments no longer use must be turned over to the Surplus Reutilization Program so the University asset records can be updated and the item(s) can be redistributed to other departments, sold, donated, recycled or scrapped. The University Property Manager will ensure that University, Federal and State acquisition, and disposal regulations are met. No University property may be removed from the campus for personal use, re-sale or other unofficial use unless processed through the University's Property Services Department. This includes discarded items as well as equipment or supplies that are in use. Also, no items may be removed from dumpsters, garbage cans or any other disposal location for personal use or sale.

To view the new Surplus Reutilization service, please go to the Surplus Property Web Site located at :   Click on the link for “Virtual Exchange Reuse Center”.  Then follow the instructions on how to view, post or acquire surplus furniture or supplies.

If departments dispose or transfer University assets which have a State Property tag on it, please use the Campus Survey/Transfer Report Form located at:  Click Property Survey | Transfer Report Form.pdf  and download the PDF file. Then fill out the SURVEY/TRANSFER REPORT FORM, have it signed, and send it to the Property Control Office.

Any campus employee with a valid CSU Stanislaus email can post items on this web page. User ID is your windows login and password. All items listed will be approved by Property Services prior to posting on this web site. If moving of surplus items is required, submission of a Facilities Work Order Request will be needed and normal charges will apply.   

Please contact Frank Borrelli, University Support Services Manager at extension 3986 or email,  if you have any feedback or questions. Web page is designed and developed by David Chinoraks email